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Dec 4, 2023

Re-entering the paid workforce is a terrifying experience. The idea of having to prepare yourself for the job hunt makes your heart pound nonstop. 

You search Indeed and LinkedIn for the perfect gig with an excellent salary and benefits. As you do your research, you feel discouraged, believing you are too inexperienced to succeed.

To help you find the courage to re-enter the workforce, listen to this week's episode of the Int-HER-rupt podcast. Host, Linda Yates, speaks with career coach, Cassie Spencer, on tips to help you find the perfect job. It's time to dust off your resume and tune in to discover insightful job-hunting tips.

Cassie Spencer’s Background

  • Cassie is a career coach passionate about helping others find their ideal job. She has helped over 700 clients in different industries build their confidence in job hunting and gaining effective application skills.
  • She believes that too many women spend time working in a career that they dislike. So, she built a career out of doing it to help others find employment that they loved.
  • Cassie is the owner and founder of Career Coach Cassie. Check her out if you need help finding a job you love and want to spend years in.

Tips For Re-entering the Workforce

  • Cassie’s biggest tip for re-entering the workforce is to start with a plan. If you’re unsure of what you want when job-seeking, finding a job that fulfills you will be hard.
  • Her next tip is preparing documents, such as resumes and cover letters. She also discusses the importance of internal reflection and defining your job goals.
  • Cassie’s last tip is to be open to networking. You may be afraid to speak to people, but conversations with past employers or co-workers can lead to open doors for your next career.

Advice on Feeling Overwhelmed With Job-Seeking

  • Cassie continues to discuss the importance of a tailored plan focusing on your job-hunting goals. This will ensure you find employment that meets your needs.
  • The plan can also help you spend the amount of time you need for job-seeking. Everyone is not able to spend hours searching for employment. If you only have fifteen minutes a day for job-seeking, set that amount of time aside.
  • She also discusses the importance of showing an impact on your resume. This is where you show numbers or metrics of a change you made that positively impacted a previous company you worked for.

How to Know It’s Time to Re-enter the Workforce

  • Cassie shares that it’s based on a person’s needs and goals when it’s time to re-enter the workforce. Do you have to re-enter the workforce now, or is it a want?
  • Knowing why it’s time for you to re-enter the workforce will help you feel more confident during your job search.
  • During interviews, employers may ask why you are re-entering the workforce and why you have been out of it for so long. So, it would help to consider your wants and needs of re-entering beforehand.

In this insightful episode of the Int-HER-rupt podcast, guest speaker Cassie Spencer shares tips on your job search. She discusses using LinkedIn, advice on filling in employment gaps, and interviewing tips. Tune in and listen to empowering tips to help you gain confidence for re-entering the workforce. 

“The number one tip is always to negotiate. That is my number one tip no matter what, even if it feels uncomfortable and that type of thing. Everyone should always be negotiating. My second tip would be to remember that you can negotiate more than or in addition to the salary. So I often work with people who that's that's the one and only thing that they're negotiating. But we are in a time and in a world in our workforce where there are so many other benefits and aspects that you can negotiate into a contract. So salary is always a good one to negotiate. But there are other things like potentially a flexible work schedule.” - Cassie Spencer.


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