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Mar 27, 2023

Tech companies recruit men and women into their workforce equally. So why do we still see relatively few women in positions of leadership? Trends seemed to be heading in a more equal direction until the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. That’s where the work of Kelley O’Keeffe seeks to change everything. In this episode, our host Linda Yates has a conversation with O’Keeffe about her work as an advocate for women’s empowerment.

O’Keeffe’s Background

  • Starting at a very young age, O’Keeffe was a very ambitious student. After finishing her MBA, she began working with many companies, from Fortune 100 to smaller startups
  • At the beginning of the pandemic, she was balancing a challenging work schedule and starting her family
  • O’Keeffe made the leap into being self-employed to serve as an advocate for women’s economic empowerment 

 3 Tips: How to Become a Successful Woman in Leadership

  1. Dealing with Microaggressions: Don’t allow yourself to be derailed when dealing with microaggressions. If you can’t find a way to ignore them, it’s okay to move laterally to step away from working with people who have a pattern of this kind of behavior.
  2. Find your Mega Champion: More than a mentor - find someone you report to and build a strong relationship with them. This should be someone who is familiar with how hard you work and how much effort you’re willing to put in. They will be your ally and keep your name in the running for leadership decisions.
  3. Get Recognized: Put yourself in a situation where your skillset can really shine. Look for places in your company where you’ll stand out.

“Think of those insecure thoughts as thought-trash, and just put them in the trash, and keep going. We’re wasting too much time.” – Kelley O’Keeffe


Kelley O’Keeffe on LinkedIn

McKinsey “Women in the Workplace 2022” Report

Empowered Engagement LLC - Kelley O’Keeffe’s website

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