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Mar 13, 2023

Working with a team that makes you feel heard, seen, and valued is one of the best feelings in the world. On the other hand, having your ideas squashed and feeling afraid to make mistakes can make the workday feel like it never ends. On this episode of the Int-HER-rupt Podcast, our host Linda Yates has a conversation with Paige Garrido, the Assistant Director of Executive Education at FAU’s College of Business and leader of the FAU Women in Executive Leadership Program. Garrido works with mid- to senior-level professionals, helping them to enter the C-suite. Even successful people experience feeling silenced, or like they don’t belong. Listen in to hear about why an inclusive workplace generates more success, and get some tips on improving your company culture.


Why Should Workplaces Be Inclusive?

  • Garrido refers to Dr. Rob Bogosian’s idea of “The Culture of Voice”: when employees feel like they belong and can speak up. Bogosian 
  • Open, engaged employees feel safe to bring up concerns, and have more creative ideas
  • Teamwork boosts engagement and innovation
  • Employees don’t want to work hard for people who aren’t inclusive, even though they may seem to due to fear of reprimand


Tips for Creating an Inclusive Workplace

  1. Start with you. Leaders who want to create an inclusive workplace need to start by doing some self-reflection and evaluating their strengths and challenges. Listening and connecting with others are huge responsibilities and they start with vulnerability.
  2. The stories we tell ourselves dictate our success. If you don’t see yourself in a good light, you can exclude yourself because you’re cutting yourself down. Be aware of any negative self-talk.
  3. If there are things you need, ask. Come up with a strategic plan or a list of things you need to help yourself be more successful, and try to ask for what you need.


“We always look at inclusion from the company’s perspective – “How do we make people feel more included?’ But I would say, it’s the message that we’re telling ourselves about our roles in our organizations.” - Paige Garrido

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