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Jan 2, 2023

In today’s episode of IntHERrupt, our host Linda talks with Jordan LaSalle on how you can be comfortable with your particular leadership style.

Meet your team member instead of forcing them to come to you

  • Jordan has a background with teaching, and one VITAL thing she kept in mind throughout her career is: Meet the STUDENT instead of forcing the student to meet her. People learn and work differently, so if you want to effectively teach, or lead, you have to go to whoever you’re in charge of.
  • Emotional intelligence is key to this. Be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your team, or in Jordan’s case students, and play to their strengths. Optimize things FOR your team so you can effectively work.

Be authentic and build a genuine relationship with the people you’re leading

  • After she worked in teaching, Jordan transitioned to being the vice president of education at her school. Just like she had done with her students, she focused on being GENUINE with the people under her.
  • Jordan did an exercise where she had everyone she worked with create a “user manual.”. The manual asked a few questions: What brings out the best in me, what brings out the worst in me, and here’s how to work most effectively with me. Not only does this build a relationship between you and your workers, but it also gives you an idea of HOW to effectively lead and work with them.

Understand your role in the team, as well as the role of everyone else

  • Jordan got her position while the pandemic was just beginning. Her, along with her team members, were all worried about the future and what direction the team would be heading in.
  • You have to remember: The job of your teammates is not to bear your weight. You, as a leader, are supposed to be a pillar and source of STRENGTH for your team. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t rely on them. But focus on supporting your TEAM instead of having your team support you.

Recognize other people’s expertise

  • You may be the leader of a group or business, yes, but you’re not omnipotent.
  • In Jordan’s career, she works with a board of experts and meets with them frequently. Although she is in a HIGHER position than the other board members, she also recognizes and respects their insight. Jordan isn’t directly involved in EVERYTHING, so listening to the other board members and taking their insights into account helps her run things smoothly.

Don’t be afraid of vulnerability

  • There’s a common, and unfortunate, misconception that leaders have to ALWAYS be strong and NEVER show weakness or vulnerabilities. The issue with this, again, is not being genuine.
  • Nobody is perfect. There is no perfect leader or team member. Instead of CONSTANTLY chasing after perfection, chase after progress. Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerabilities! One tool Jordan uses are language cues. Saying things like “I’m going out on a limb” shows you’re not completely certain about what you’re going to say, but also makes you more human and genuine.

The final three points

  • Surround yourself with people who challenge and inspire you.
  • Embrace who you truly are.
  • Be able to find humor in yourself and in situations.

Take all of these considerations in mind to become a better leader, and connect more with your team.

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