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Sep 13, 2021

The road to a fulfilling life is all about balance. Finding employment and work often come at the expense of your dreams. Can you live in a world with both? In today’s episode, Linda is joined by none other than her daughter, Summer Yates, to discuss why retaining your passions as you grow up is perhaps the most important thing you can do. 

Summer has many passions outside her traditional job.

  • Her main craft is aerial acrobatics, owning and operating an aerial acrobatics studio. 
  • In addition to her aerial acrobatics business, Summer models and practices makeup.
  • Her everyday job is a manager, overseeing three large teams within her company totaling around 55 people.

Summer uses her passions to shape her day job.

  • Her passions give her a different perspective and keep her grounded in everyday life. 
  • People often get trapped seeking financial accomplishments or a particular title in their work, but in doing so, sacrifice a life worth living.
  • By prioritizing her sport and using it to help others, Summer knows why she goes to her job each day: to one day have the freedom to do what she wants.
  • She lets her passion guide her as she coaches her employees. She can’t expect them to give up their passions when she wouldn’t do it herself. 

Prioritizing her talents helps Summer face challenges in her life.

  • There’s a ton of research that physical activities do great things for mental health, so she’s fortunate her passion is a physically active one. 
  • But it’s also a creative outlet, allowing her to express herself when she’s not able to otherwise.
  • Many people complain about not having enough time for work and hobbies, but in reality, it’s all about priorities. She’s found more energy doing the things she loves than just vegging out after work.

How does she heal from the bruising doing aerial?

  • Summer thinks of it as a life lesson: people don’t see the pain, blood, sweat, and tears that go into a performance. It’s a lot like life. 
  • She’s a big believer in safe practice of her sport, resulting in only minor injuries. But she also sees a sports masseuse a couple of times a month and takes salt baths to relax her muscles. 
  • Sometimes, if she feels off, she visits a physical therapist and avoids dancing for a couple of days. 
  • Listening to your body and understanding its limits is essential.

What lessons has your sport taught you?

  • The difference between discomfort and pain, because you don’t grow through comfort.
  • Be humble to ask for help and to learn from others.
  • Her journey isn’t about other people, but it’s about her.
  • When she is living passionately, she is at peace because she’s fulfilled.

So how does she relate this to her team?

  • Summer finds joy in helping people find their passions and realize they can do things they never thought possible.
  • She wants to push people beyond their comfort because you won’t go forward in life by remaining stagnant.
  • People limit themselves, so part of her job is to help people realize the limits they place on themselves are often self-inflicted.

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