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Aug 30, 2021

Working in corporate America means you’ll encounter people with all sorts of different personalities, for better or worse. But as a team leader, you need to support and create a healthy atmosphere for the entire team. In today’s episode, Linda is joined by Gina Stracuzzi, cofounder and director of the Women in Sales Leadership Forum, to learn how to foster unity in your organization, even with different personalities. 

People with different personalities require different forms of support.

  • It’s very easy to alienate people in a business setting. Especially as people return to in-person work, they might not be used to all the socialization and communication.
  • Use emotional intelligence to mirror the way people speak. Match someone’s communication style to help them be more comfortable in their environment.
  • Building trust is integral. Gina had difficulty with people when she made assumptions about what they wanted or needed. 
  • Building trust and rapport will help you determine how, where, and when someone communicates, and thus how you can best support them and make the greatest impact.

Gina’s tips for building rapport:

  • Don’t be in a hurry to get the sale.
  • Be a listener, not a talker.
  • Use questions that show you’re listening and want to know more.
  • Consider taking notes
  • Periodically repeat things back to the speaker to prompt them to elaborate.

Practice kindness and empathy.

  • Kindness and empathy have been the guiding force to get us through the pandemic. Even the most rigid bosses have to be kind and patient about people’s situations.
  • You don’t have to like somebody or be their friend. But you should be kind. If someone shows up to the office in a bad mood, it’s usually because something is happening. 
  • Ask if everything is okay or if everything is alright with them. If that’s too direct, ask if anything is new. The key is to offer an opening for the person to express their problems.

What does Gina do to build unity within an organization?

  • Think about who you’re working with and how they communicate. What’s important to them? Are you asking them to think differently than they might be used to?
  • You can’t tailor everything to everyone, but you can be mindful of what motivates people.
  • Some companies pit people against one another, which can cause a lot of tension. Women, in particular, are pitted against each other for opportunities for advancement.
  • Instead of creating rivalries, build teams that work together and have healthy competitions.
  • Brené Brown talks about managing with shame. Depending on your role, make sure you aren’t using shame in an innocuous way to the point that it becomes part of the culture.
  • If you’re being managed that way, have a conversation with whoever is doing it. Repeat it back to them, and use their language. Have them explain how it will help instead of why because “how” is a much less aggressive way of speaking.

Has Gina ever been interrupted?

  • Yes, especially in corporate America. But Gina learned a technique from another trainer.
  • If someone typically dominates a meeting, go up to the perpetrator before the meeting. Ask them how much time they think they’ll need today during the meeting because you also have things you need to say. 
  • It will make them aware that they’re speaking and make them aware that you’re aware that they’re speaking.

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