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Dec 13, 2021

Dealing with painful family events is different for everyone. While some might dive into their work to forget their problems, others might need time to process and work through their emotions. Today’s episode of IntHerrupt is a solo episode discussing Linda’s experience dealing with those family events and her takeaways from them as a business owner.

There was a period in Linda’s life where she constantly asked for time off to deal with family issues.

  • While pregnant with her second child, she was put on bed rest after just receiving a big promotion. 
  • She wanted to continue to work. So her company transferred her phone to her home phone, allowing her to rest and work while supporting her child.
  • If you’re leading a team, show similar support to your employees.

Linda’s mother-in-law recently passed. 

  • A 93-year-old woman, she was a fantastic leader and woman who struggled with immense pain from various surgeries and arthritis. 
  • A couple of months ago, Linda and her husband got word that she likely wouldn’t live past Christmas.
  • Because her in-laws lived in Alaska (and Linda and her husband live in Georgia), it would be a trip to be there for them.
  • But when Linda’s mom passed away five years ago, all she wanted was to be by her side. And Doug (Linda’s husband) wanted the same experience.

They flew to Alaska to support Doug’s parents.

  •  At first, they thought she was dying. But her mother-in-law rallied and became much stronger.
  • Doug’s sister supported her parents all by herself by working two jobs, and she was exhausted. Linda and Doug’s trip allowed her to rest and recover from the immense stress and workload she was under.
  • Upon returning home from their trip, Linda and her husband realized they got COVID.
  • Her mother-in-law also got COVID, and unfortunately, she never recovered. 

Part of being a leader is showing emotional intelligence. 

  • Showing up for your team in whatever support they need.
  • Have integrity, show up, do the work, and be the type of leader that offers support. Find joy in the journey.
  • Before her mom passed, Linda was an extremely goal-driven person. It was a wonderful gift that Linda was there for her last moments, but those moments changed her and her drive. 
  • She gained a deeper perspective on what life was about - living, laughing, loving, and leaving a legacy.

Find joy in the journey, exercise integrity, be a trusting leader, but above all, live each day fully. Do you have more stories to tell? Talk to Linda Yates here. This podcast is produced by TSE Studios. Check out other podcasts by the TSE Studios, including The Sales Evangelist and more. This episode is sponsored by The Sales Evangelist, helping new and struggling sellers close more deals and smash their quotas. IntHerrupt Podcast is produced by the team at TSE Studios. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the IntHerrupt Podcast so you won’t miss a single interview. You can find us on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, and Stitcher. You can also leave comments, suggestions, and ratings for every episode you listen to. Audio created by Ryan Rasmussen Productions.