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Nov 13, 2023

Do you often struggle with negative thoughts? You find it hard to get outside of your own head while holding a career and being a mother. 

You are supposed to be a strong leader, and others look up to you. These thoughts shouldn’t be inside of your head. But it is, and it’s okay because it’s nothing you should be ashamed of.

In this episode of Int-HER-rupt podcast, host Linda Yates welcomes Ama Hooks, a talented senior-level consultant with extensive experience in strategic planning, diversity and inclusion, and cultural change management. Ama shares her journey of personal growth and transformation, particularly in dealing with negative thoughts. 

Linda is fascinated by the concept that our thoughts shape our reality and is eager to explore Ama's insights and experiences. Listen to this week’s episode to help you overcome negative thinking.

Ama's Personal Journey and the Power of Reprogramming the Subconscious

  • Ama opens up about her five-year journey of self-reflection and reprogramming her own subconscious. 
  • She emphasizes that our unconscious biases influence 80% to 85% of our decisions and thought patterns. Initially focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts,
  • Ama realized the need to confront her own negative thoughts and redefine her self-image as a mother, wife, and business owner.
  • She started with writing and journaling, gradually expanding her knowledge through courses, and continues to embrace this journey of self-discovery.

Negative Thoughts and Doubt

  • Linda asks Ama to define negative thoughts, and Ama describes them as thoughts that doubt oneself, others, or a situation. 
  • She explains the importance of differentiating between intuition and fear-based doubts. Ama believes that negative thoughts often stem from fear and insecurities. 
  • Drawing from her upbringing in a single-parent household, Ama reflects on her experiences with financial insecurity and how it has influenced her decision-making process. The fear of scarcity and economic instability has consistently plagued her, causing her to doubt herself and limit her possibilities.

Managing Negative Thoughts

  • Ama shares three strategies that have helped her manage and overcome negative thoughts. Firstly, she practices journaling and reflecting on the best and worst possible outcomes of a decision. This exercise has helped her realize that the worst-case scenarios are often unrealistic and that fear should not dictate her choices. 
  • Secondly, Ama's faith is vital in providing her with strength and guidance in navigating negative thoughts. Her morning routine of prayer and Bible reading centers and empowers her. 
  • Lastly, Ama mentions her study of John Kehoe's work on manifestation and the science behind it. Being data-driven, she finds it helpful to understand how the brain and quantum reality can be harnessed to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Ama's Professional Journey in HR

  • As an HR professional, Ama shares her experiences in building internship programs, implementing cultural change initiatives, and promoting diversity in the workplace.
  • However, her decision to leave corporate America after starting a family led her to consulting. 
  • Ama expresses her passion for helping organizations overcome negative thoughts related to biases and diversity, fostering inclusive environments that prioritize psychological safety and belonging for all individuals.

In this enlightening episode, Ama Hooks emphasizes recognizing and addressing negative thoughts that hinder personal growth and decision-making. Through her own journey of self-discovery and reprogramming her subconscious, she has found strategies such as journaling, faith, and studying the science of manifestation to be effective in managing negative thoughts. Ama's experiences and insights serve as an inspiration to listeners, encouraging them to confront their own doubts and embrace a more positive mindset.

“Know your superpower and double down on it. That would be number one. Right. So know what you're really good at. Like Shonda Rhimes says, don't be afraid to brag. Most women don't brag. Right? Like, know what it is and speak to it and put yourself in situations to showcase it and talk to it and know how to leverage it and know how you can become a resource.” -Ama Hooks


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