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Nov 6, 2023

Are you connected with your inner self?


If you do not know yourself, how do you expect to be a good leader? One of the biggest assets you can give to others is being true to yourself and knowing who you are as a person.

Why is this so important?

In this episode of the INT podcast, host Linda Yates speaks with Olivia Smith, founder of Healing House, on the importance of women leaders knowing themselves. Discover how to become a better leader by developing this skill in this week’s episode.

Olivia Smith’s Background

  • For twelve years, she worked in the nursing field and left after having children. After becoming a stay-at-mother, Olivia struggled with her inner self. 

  • She enjoyed being at home with her children, but she was lost within herself.

  • After finding a hobby, she discovered how to make money with it and soon turned it into a six-figure business.

Self-Awareness and Personal Growth

  • When starting her nonprofit business, Olivia learned to recognize and acknowledge her strengths and weaknesses. This allowed her to transition the leadership position of her nonprofit to someone else.

  • She also shares it’s essential for leaders to recognize when they are not in their wheelhouse and to take action to remove themselves from a situation in which they don’t fit in. 

  • Olivia further compares this skill with other experiences to help highlight the importance of self-reflection.

Leadership Styles and Communication in the Workplace

  • Olivia believes that understanding one's own communication style and how to adapt to others is crucial for effective leadership, leading to improved employee retention and a more productive work environment.

  • She recognizes that leaders often unknowingly create a toxic culture by using language that can be intimidating or frightening to their team members.

  • She suggests that leaders should be aware of their own personality styles and how they may impact their communication with team members. In addition, leaders should try to create a safe and trustworthy environment for everyone.

Leadership Development, Self-Awareness, and Personal Growth

  • Olivia provides coaching and consulting services to help individuals overcome self-doubt and impostor syndrome, which can stem from past experiences and be deeper than just work-related issues.

  • She works with individuals to identify the root causes of their struggles and provides a process of work over time to help them overcome these challenges.

  • Olivia emphasizes the importance of finding something outside of mothering to help cope with the emotional demands of staying at home and how this enabled her to work through her struggles.

In this episode of the INT podcast, you’ll hear an empowering story about Olivia Smith and how she became a better leader by developing one essential skill that most leaders lack. Tune in and discover the importance of investing in self-awareness to help you develop better leadership skills.

“Investing in knowing more about yourself is like the advice they give you on the plane when they say put your own oxygen mask on first before you can help anyone else. Know who you are first. Before you try to lead others, you'll be a better leader, you'll be a better parent, there'll be a better spouse. If you become much more clear on who you are and how you're coming across to other people, and being honest about that, and seeing that as a growth opportunity.” -Olivia Smith


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