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Jul 17, 2023

If you’ve ever experienced a toxic workplace culture, you know how soul-crushing it can be! Successful cultures take leadership and work. In this episode of Int-HER-rupt, our host Linda Yates has a great conversation with Ashlee Jankovich and Tiffany Klusacek, two real estate agents with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Tennessee’s Elite. They share insights into how they are intentionally creating a culture of accountability and achievement on their team.

How Ashlee and Tiffany Define Workplace Culture

  • It is the work environment that agents come to every day, both physically and interpersonally. The “culture” is the feeling of building relationships with co-workers.
  • The other aspect of culture Tiffany and Ashlee identify is the company’s image. A lot of emphasis is also placed on how consumers view their team.

 How The Culture Has Developed

  • Accountability is an important step – they meet with other teammates to make sure milestones are being met. 
  • Communication has also played a role. Sending out group texts to set up times when they can work together is helpful (and also helps with accountability).
  • They are also increasingly practicing goal-setting and creating action plans based on those goals.

 3 Tips for Creating a Successful Culture

  1. Quality over quantity! Hire the right people, not just anyone who can fill the spot. 
  2. Think about what’s best for the team. When you hire new people on, choose someone that will mesh well with the group.
  3. Set up clear expectations. As leaders, it’s important to set your team up for success with accountability, goal-setting, and leading by example.

 “[Culture] is the work environment that we’re bringing agents to every day, and when I say, ‘bringing them to,’ I don’t necessarily mean a physical place. It’s a collaboration of what they’re doing to pour in and out of a group… I also feel like culture plays, even moreso, especially in our industry, on how the public and our consumer perceives our message.” – Tiffany Klusacek


Check out Ashlee and Tiffany’s podcast, Realestatable, for raw, real, relevant content for today’s real estate agents.

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