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Jul 3, 2023

 Whether you’re a leader at a small startup or a CEO in an enterprise, a working knowledge of cyber security can protect your organization’s money and reputation. In this episode of Int-HER-Rupt, our host Linda Yates meets with Deepa Kuppuswamy, Director of Security at ManageEngine (Zoho Corp.). She shares tips for staying educated and maintaining a security-conscious culture in your business.

 What is Cyber Security?

  • Businesses of all sizes are undergoing a digital transformation. Our world increasingly revolves around digital data. 
  • Cyber security is the protection of data from unauthorized access or criminal exploitation.
  • Part of understanding cyber security is understanding the ramifications of data breaches. Regulatory fines and negative PR are typical consequences.

 3 Cyber Security Tips for Leaders

  • Know your enemy. Cyber-criminal organizations are no longer just trying to steal data to sell for financial gain. 
  • Create a security-conscious culture. Teach people about cyber security and set up processes so they know what to do if something suspicious happens.
  • Fail fast. Assume your company will be attacked. Have knowledgeable people take a look at your organization to find any weak points.

 Staying Educated

  • Never let a crisis go to waste. Learn from the mistakes of others and don’t make the same errors. 
  • If your organization does get breached, take the necessary steps to make sure it won’t happen again.
  • Tabletop exercises can simulate data breaches. In a controlled environment, you can test your team and your processes to see whether they’re prepared to handle a breach.

 “Whenever we talk about security, it’s a combination of people, process, and technology. Leaders should look at cultivating a ‘security-conscious culture’ in their organizations. Train people so they are aware of what to do, and if they find an anomaly, they report it.” – Deepa Kuppuswamy

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