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Apr 17, 2023

Do you get excited about on-the-job training? If so, you’re not alone! Learning new things can help you revolutionize the way you work, improving your performance at your job and in life. So why do so many people feel that the training they receive is boring, ineffective, or unhelpful? To answer this question, we are joined by Mirah Young. Young learned first-hand that effective training makes or breaks the learning process. Listen in to discover how she recognizes a great training program when she sees it!


Mirah’s Background

  • Graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a degree in Mass Media Communication
  • During college, she was an apprentice in grant administration, and found joy in learning new things and helping others understand those things


Why is Training So Important?

  • Your employees are your best asset, and training shows them how invested their leadership is in them.
  • Continuously supporting education and learning “keeps the knife sharp” and keeps you up to date with the constantly changing world.
  • Even for team members who are familiar with their job, training can offer them new ways of doing things, which can lead to better efficiency and performance.
  • Really great training can be invigorating and exciting for employees, as long as the training is highly engaging.


What to Look For In a Training Program

  • Know who the trainer is. Find out their qualifications, skills, and whether they gel with your company culture.
  • Identify the key takeaways you want from the training and find out how the trainer approaches those topics.
  • Look into the methods used in the training you’re interested in to determine whether they’re going to be immersive, engaging, and well thought out.


“Innovation is, in a sense, transformation… Innovation is job enhancement in performance.” – Mirah Young



Mirah Young on LinkedIn

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