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Apr 10, 2023

Whether you’re experiencing a major crisis or things just aren’t going your way, how you react to those situations is what defines you. Everyone wants to learn to show grace and poise under pressure, but we all know it’s not easy! In this episode, your host Linda Yates brings her expertise as an image coach to offer tips on how you can exude more poise as a leader.


3 Tips for Feeling More Poised in a Challenging Moment

  1. Take a deep breath. Often, when we’re stressed, we stop breathing deeply and normally. Taking a deep breath is like hitting a reset button.
  2. Smile. This can change how others perceive you, but also how you perceive the current moment.
  3. Get curious. Start asking yourself - what situation have I found myself in? What are my emotions about it? How can I move forward?


Cultivating Inner Strength as a Leader

  • Respect yourself, first and foremost. As Linda says, “You are the CEO of your life!” Respect your own time and set boundaries with others in a calm, diplomatic way to ensure you have the respect you deserve - because you DO deserve it!
  • Show respect to those around you. It’s okay to be direct, but you must also show that you have the strength to control how you treat others. Ask yourself - is this how you would want to be treated?
  • Define success for that moment. If you’re struggling to find a way through a crisis, take the time to stop and ask yourself what a successful resolution to this situation would be. 

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