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Apr 4, 2023

If you’ve ever felt intimidated, felt like you were “less-than”, had impostor syndrome, or asked yourself, “Who am I to say this?” … this conversation is for you. In this episode of the Int-HER-rupt podcast, your host Linda Yates and guest Kelly Snider have an engaging, compassionate discussion about intimidation and how we can approach it from multiple angles. Listen in to hear how you can find your strength, whether you’re facing big expectations, tough leaders, or challenging situations.

How Can You Overcome Feeling Intimidated?

  1. Be curious. When we become curious about people or situations we don’t understand yet, we find connection points that break down insecurities.

  2. Find commonalities. Once you’ve asked some questions, build on whatever common ground you discover.

  3. Honor Someone Else’s Experience. If you don’t know as much as someone else, allow them to share their experience, and try to learn from it.

How Can Leaders Avoid Coming Off As Intimidating?

  • If you’re a high achiever or an expert in your field, let people know you don’t think you’re perfect and that you make mistakes

  • It’s okay to have high expectations, just take a lighthearted approach as well

  • Some leaders use intimidation if they themselves are insecure, so they have to do their own internal work and can choose to open up. If you work with them, you may just have to accept that it’s not about you

“When we share our stories, we realize we’re not alone, we help other people know that there’s a path for getting through their difficulties in life, and we find community.” – Kelly Snider


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