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Mar 6, 2023

In this episode of the Int-HER-rupt Podcast, your host Linda Yates meets with Shawna Williams. Williams had an unconventional journey, but ended up finding herself at a crossroads that many people inevitably face; should she take on a managerial role? We hope you enjoy Williams’s positive spirit and direct approach as she takes us through how she made her decision and how she knows it was right for her.

 What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Career Path

  • Continue doing what you’re doing until you’re ready to take on the hard work that goes into making a big shift. Regardless of what you choose, you have to have the desire and bandwidth to put more on your plate.
  • Some aspects of what you choose might not be natural to you - you might need to do some self-study or professional development.
  • Look at the whole picture of the company you’re looking to work with. Figure out how you fit in - you might need to make some adjustments to your plan, or find a new place to work.

 The Pros and Cons of a Managerial vs. a Technical Path

  • Management pro: You get to work in a support role for a lot of different people. If helping others gives you a sense of accomplishment, management might be right for you.
  • Management con: Balancing the needs of a lot of people can get pretty complicated. There are a lot of moving parts to any team, and you should be committed to understanding all of them.
  • Technical pro: Regardless of where you work, your job will be fairly similar. Once you learn how to do it, you can relocate and change companies fairly easily. 
  • Technical con: At some point, you will plateau. Once you learn everything you can about your job, you can either decide to stay there, or you have to make a big shift to change your career path.

 Do These 3 Things Before You Make the Leap

  1. Consider your personal life. Will this change impact your family life or how often you get to see friends? Make a choice that fits into the lifestyle you want to have.
  2. Do you buy into the company vision? If you don’t feel aligned with your company’s values, it will be a lot harder to put in all the extra work it takes to make a big shift.
  3. Be ready to listen. Reach out to others who have more experience than you, and ask questions and really listen to their perspectives.

 “Don’t let any change in your day be a speed bump in your map. That speed bump might be an opportunity for something you’d never dreamed of that has such a positive impact on your life. You just never know who’s going to walk into your office and change your life for the good.” - Shawna Williams


“Getting Things Done” by David Allen on Amazon

Shawna Williams on Linkedin

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