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Feb 27, 2023

In this episode of the Int-HER-rupt podcast, host Linda Yates and her guest Misha Ford are here to inspire, and light a fire! Ford describes how she went from working a regular corporate job to becoming the founder and CEO of 3TG Staffing Solutions. Hers is a journey of determination, ambition, and fearlessness. Listen in as she offers tips on overcoming the “glass ceilings” we all face, both in the workplace and inside ourselves.

 Misha Ford’s Background

  • Ford worked a corporate job and, in 2010, started 3TG as a Virtual Assistant company doing back-office work for big companies
  • Working two jobs meant not having enough time for her family, so she had to make a change - she left her corporate job in 2017

 To Break Glass Ceilings, Overcome Fear

  • Know who you are. You have to do internal work to progress. This means digging deep to understand what motivates you, what you care about, and what your fears are.
  • Surround yourself with supporters. Break the glass ceiling by avoiding the “sticky floor” - people who would hold you down by telling you you aren’t good enough. Find mentors and coaches who believe in you.
  • Only YOU can hold you back. Understand that you are the person who will slow you down the most, and actively choose not to do that. Find an internal sense of encouragement.

 If You’re Stuck In a Job, Ask These Questions to Get You Moving Again

  • You’re replaceable to the job, is the job replaceable to you?
  • Are you staying out of loyalty? What are you actually loyal to (family, prosperity, stability, etc.)?
  • Are you worried you won’t find a better job? (Spoiler alert: you will!)
  • Why are you still there? What are they giving you to stay?

 “Everybody’s not nice. Everybody’s not going to be nice to you. But you are NOT going to be scared, and they WILL respect you.” - Misha Ford

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