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Feb 20, 2023

In this week’s episode of the Int-HER-rupt podcast, Linda Yates brings you an amazing, moving conversation with Ruth Rathblott. Rathblott is a best-selling author, a TEDx and expert keynote speaker, and an award-winning leader in the nonprofit sector. Together, they delve into what it is like to hide the differences that make you who you are, and how to escape a cycle of perfectionism and shame in your personal and professional life.

Ruth Rathblott’s Background

  • Ruth was born with a limb difference, and wanting to fit in caused her to hide
  • Hiding became a pattern in her life, but it was exhausting and lonely
  • As a leader in business, a pattern of hiding and perfectionism caused her team to reflect that – her staff felt like they had to be perfect, and didn’t always feel comfortable enough to be themselves

3 Tips for Coming Out of Hiding

  1. Understand the part of yourself that feels “different.” Ask yourself questions: what part of yourself are you trying to hide? What are the social and cultural ideas about it? How are they impacting you?
  2. Find a place to share your difference. This can be a friend, partner, therapist, or even a journal - start to create space in your life for the part of yourself you’re hiding.
  3. Connect with other people. Once you start sharing, you may find a community that you relate can relate to, and who share some of your experiences and challenges. A community can offer you support, and you can also become a role model for others.

Unhiding in Leadership

  • Vulnerability starts with leadership - if leaders are willing to share some things about themselves, they model this behavior for others
  • Empathy in the workplace can create a better, more informed work environment
  • This is different from “spilling”, or oversharing - unhiding is sharing when you are in need of support

“It starts with leadership. Leaders need to be the ones that model vulnerability. They need to be the ones that come with an understanding of their own differences and where they have felt different, that they need to share some parts of themselves that are vulnerable that they think may, in some ways, make them look weak, but it actually makes them look strong.”  - Ruth Rathblott


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