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Jan 16, 2023

In today’s episode of the IntHERrupt podcast, our host Linda Yates meets with LaTrelle Porter to discuss ageism in the workplace, and how to effectively combat it.

Porter’s Background

  • Porter was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia and has a LONG background in education. She has several degrees, ranging from bachelor’s degrees in management and HR, to her PhD in management.
  • She currently works for the local government in Savannah. Porter owns a bakery business and also is involved in several different organizations.
  • You can read more about her here:

Ageism in the Workplace

  • Porter defines ageism as discrimination usually, but not always, against older people in the workplace. Sometimes it’s subtle and other times it’s blatant. Specifically, Porter finds that people over 40 are the targets of ageism, and expects ageism to grow in the next few years.
  • The first step to combating ageism is: Understanding different perspectives and biases. Everyone carries biases, whether we realize it or not. Understanding these biases is the first step in overcoming them. Everyone brings something to the table, regardless of their age.
  • The second step is: Genuine conversation. Talk to others and TRULY listen to them. Learn their differences so you can better understand their point of view. This will help you avoid discriminating against them.
  • Older people can learn the ins and outs of technology and social media from younger generations and coworkers.
  • Younger people, meanwhile, can learn things like institutional knowledge and processes from older coworkers.

Leading Multigenerational Teams

  • When you’re leading a team made up of multiple age groups, there are some KEY points that Porter suggests.
  • Understand your leadership style and the leadership style of your team. Everyone has a different leadership style. Understanding how your team members follow is KEY in actually being able to lead them.
  • Be genuine. Understand your team members and offer them ALL the same opportunities. Don’t view your team members as that, team members. Instead, view and understand them as individuals.

Ageism is a HUGE potential detriment in the workplace. Understanding it is the first step in combating it. Take these tips and use them to prevent ageism in your team. That way, you’ll ENSURE you’re all working at maximum efficiency.

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