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Jan 10, 2023

In today’s episode of IntHERrupt, our host Linda Yates goes over values and their importance for leaders as the new year begins.

What are your values?

  • All a value refers to are things that are IMPORTANT to you. It could be your health, your family, or your career. Anything that holds significance to you and carries a lot of weight is one of your values. The first step in utilizing them as a leader is identifying them.
  • Identify between 3 and 5 of your values and WRITE THEM DOWN. Now that they’re written down, think, are there ANY of them that you could live without? If there are, then that’s not a high value.
  • After that, rank your values. Which one is the MOST important to you? How about the LEAST important?

Why are values important?

  • Your values determine what goals you reach, and how you reach them. If your values do NOT align with your goals, then you won’t hit that goals! Your goals and values HAVE to align for you to reach the outcome you’re wanting.
  • Values also help teams work together and make decisions together. If you’re faced with a difficult situation or dilemma, you can ALWAYS fall back on your values to help you move forwards.
  • As a leader, values help you lead your team as well. With a strong, good, set of core values in place your team either WILL or WILL NOT align with those values. For the team members that don’t align with your values, you can either help them realign or find a new team member who does align.

Changing values

  • Your CORE VALUES are designed to help you reach your goals. If your values don’t help you reach those goals, then you CAN change them.
  • A tip that Linda learned was to have a personal mission statement. Having a personal mission statement helps to create unity between you and your team members. Everyone knows WHAT the goal is and can together WORK towards that goal.

Identify your values and utilize them. Values are CRITICAL for leaders to not only help themselves, but their ENTIRE TEAM work together towards their goals.

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