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Dec 19, 2022

In your work and life dealing with different personalities can be a challenge. How you are able to relate and deepen the relationship will be a leadership trait that will always serve you.  In today’s episode of IntHERrupt, Linda is joined by Amie Migirova owner and lead stylist of Emma Justine Color & Extension Lounge discussing to relate and communicate with a variety of personalities.

Building rapport

  • Starting out can be difficult.
  • Being an introverted can be overcome in building rapport.
  • Ask questions.
  • Quiet appointments are trending in salons right now to reduce stress.
  • Variety of ways to build rapport with different personalites.
  • Sometimes you have to dig deeper and step out of your comfort zone.

Tips on relating to others

  • Keeping the conversation “light” when the conversation is stalled.
  • Staying positive when someone is negative.
  • Bring your best table to the interaction.
  • Get the other person to talk about themselves.

Leading a team

  • Get training to develop your and your team’s communication skills.
  • Strive to grow constantly.
  • Asking yourself how you can serve your team.
  • Lead by example.
  • Balance between being the leader and friend.
  • Look for a peer group in your industry or common role.
  • Caring for your team.

“A negative person doesn’t always love negative people.” – Amie Migirova

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