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Nov 22, 2022

On today’s episode of IntHERrupt, Linda speaks with author, speaker, and consultant, Rita Ernst. They discuss the best ways to deal with micromanagers, how to deal with your own micromanager tendencies and positive leadership traits. 

What is a micromanager?

  • Management on a continuum. A micromanager dictates and controls at an obsessive level. 
  • 3 things that you need to feel fulfilled in the workplace are mastery, autonomy, and belonging. Micromanagers take away your autonomy and challenge your competence. 
  • You can better deal with a micromanager by understanding their psychological driver, asking them for what you need, and being persistently patient. 

How do you deal with your own micromanager tendencies?

  • Be vulnerable with yourself and find your own psychological driver. 
  • Give your team permission to name when you are falling into micromanager tendencies. 
  • Ask for more of what you need from your team. 

Best leadership traits

  • Rita believes that the best leadership traits are listening, questioning/curiosity, and empathy. 

Has Rita ever been interrupted? 

  • Rita was interrupted when she took time off of work to stay at home and take care of her daughter. It was difficult for her to take time away from her career. 
  • When Rita is being interrupted she remembers her core values and what is personally important to her. 

Episode Resources

  • If you want to hear more from Rita check out her website

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