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Sep 19, 2022

In today's special episode of IntHERrupt, Linda reflects on the incredible life of Queen Elizabeth. Linda shares with us five valuable leadership lessons that we can learn from The Queen and her 70-year reign.

  1. Lead by example
  • The Queen chose to work a 40-hour week up until the end of her life.
  • She kept engaged and consistently contributed. 
  • Linda saw the same example in her grandfather who worked up until his death at age 87.
  1. Put the team before yourself
  • Being the boss isn’t the person who shouts the loudest or demands the most. 
  • Queen Elizabeth was subtle and mindful in her leadership. 
  • She demonstrated quiet strength. 
  1. Be personal as well as professional
  • Queen Elizabeth had a reputation for reaching out to people personally.
  • She personally visited 52 of the 54 commonwealth states. 
  1. Balance your interventions
  • Oftentimes if a leader speaks first, their team will follow along no matter what. 
  • A great leader takes in everyone's ideas before moving forward. 
  1. Accepting and taking the lead on change
  • The Queen accepted major global changes such as decolonization and a smaller British role in the world. She accepted these changes with dignity.
  • Queen Elizabeth televised her coronation in 1953 despite the objection of Winston Churchill. 

These five powerful lessons that Linda has learned from the life of Queen Elizabeth will hopefully inspire you. Linda invites us to think of the people in our lives who have similar leadership qualities. We each have strengths waiting for us to uncover.

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