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Sep 12, 2022

When you don't get your way, how do you move on? On today’s Episode of IntHERrupt Leslie talks with Theresa Green Davis, a strategic HR project manager with over 30 years of work experience, about what to do when things don’t go your way. 

When has Theresa not gotten her way? 

  • Theresa has been a part of many groups that have decided to go about things differently than she would have liked. 
  • She tells us that it’s not always about having it your way - it's about being collaborative and inspiring others in the pursuit of a particular goal. 
  • She advises us to be open to change and work towards having open communication with your team.
  • Know the people you are working with, but don’t define them by their personalities. 

How do you move on when you don’t get your way? 

  • Know yourself. Be clear about what your goals and expectations are in your career and in your personal life. 
  • Make an action plan and base your decisions off of that. 
  • Don’t make impulsive decisions based on emotion and don’t point fingers. 

When should you stand your ground? 

  • Again, know yourself. 
  • Identify what you are flexible on and what you can’t be flexible on. 
  • Theresa will not jeopardize her integrity for anyone or anything.

How can you let go and move on? 

  • Allow yourself to grieve but set a time limit for yourself. Once you’ve grieved, create a plan for how to move forward.
  • Call on family and friends for support. 
  • Lift up others around you. 

What tips does Theresa have to help people feel empowered? 

  • Theresa encourages everyone to have a strong relationship with the Lord. Her relationship with the Lord has brought her peace in difficult moments.
  • While you are in a good place, create a wellness plan. Identify your go-to people and specific activities that help you feel empowered and write them down.

How does Theresa deal with being interrupted? 

  • Theresa relies on her go-to people.
  • She knows herself and tries to learn from the experience.
  •  Theresa says “There is nothing you can’t get past. There is always something on the other side.” 

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