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May 30, 2022

In honor of Memorial, today’s episode of IntHerrupt is a special one. In today’s episode, Linda reflects on her life to discuss some prominent people who have influenced her success. We should all take the time to show some appreciation to those who have done the same.

When Linda was looking for work, she landed a role with John’s company.

  • John’s firm saw Linda’s potential and strengths, allowing her to grow in her leadership abilities. 
  • When he began experiencing severe back issues, Linda stepped up and helped John accomplish the things he could no longer do, and he helped her grow dramatically faster.

Carolee, Patricia, and Scott were coworkers and supervisors who helped Linda thrive in her career. 

  • When Linda went to her supervisor Patricia to see if she could take another step in her career by doing new responsibilities, it almost doubled her salary. 
  • However, after being bedridden while pregnant, Linda didn’t want to lose her opportunity. But her entire department was supportive, transferring the phone calls for the department to her home so she could work from bed.
  • Carolee and Scott were the co-chairs who trusted her and believed in her. 

Her mother and father are the most significant leaders in Linda’s life. 

  • They taught her authentic leadership and were very involved in the community.
  • Her parents taught her that people are essential by spending time at events at church and in their community. 
  • Her mother found the fun in life by keeping her passions alive while leading a family of seven children. She learned the violin in her 50s and played piano for different events.
  • She kept an organized house, and Linda is grateful for the experiences they shared with her.

At least three of the leaders have passed on, and Linda wants to dedicate this episode to those who’ve passed. Talk this episode as a sign to reach out to the leaders in your life and share with them how they’ve influenced you.

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