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Feb 14, 2022

Across the world, people are living in vulnerable situations. And unfortunately, some people take advantage of others’ misfortune. In today’s episode of IntHerrupt, Linda is joined by  Dawn Manske, founder of Made for Freedom, to learn more about what types of situations lead to vulnerability and exploitation

Dawn first encountered this problem when she lived in China. 

  • While she lived there for ten years, Dawn learned about the excessive number of young girls abandoned by their families. (The problem has abated over time, but it’s still an issue today.)
  • Dawn also met people who worked specifically with street children because of the exploitation and labor vulnerable children were subjected to at the hands of others.
  • The exploitation she saw made Dawn think, “how can I fight this?”

She then realized the power of clothes. 

  • Dawn’s husband gifted her a pair of sandals, and they were made by vulnerable women who were paid fairly for their work. Similarly, she received pants from Thailand.
  • Dawn thought about starting an import business but didn’t think it aligned with her life goals.
  • But when she thought about it, she realized she could accomplish her mission of helping others through this business model.
  • She started down the road of understanding sex trafficking. She found several other businesses that sold products to raise money to benefit the women working, and Dawn began selling their products to people in the United States. 

What does vulnerable mean?

  • It looks different to everyone. We’re all vulnerable, to some extent. And issues like poverty lead to more vulnerability.
  • Anytime someone is exposed to a negative situation, there is vulnerability.  And then you have people ready to take advantage of that vulnerability.
  • She visited Nepal to meet with a partner center, and she saw poverty she had never seen before. A month after she left, there was a massive earthquake.
  • She and her husband are foster parents, and the foster system is a breeding ground for trauma and vulnerability because their trust is broken.

How can you regain confidence after being exploited and begin to heal?

  • It’s a long road. It’s not something that happens quickly, Because that trauma is never gone. 
  • Working with your hands is therapeutic. That’s why these work centers are great because women have a safe place to work with women who understand what they’re going through.

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