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Dec 27, 2021

Today’s special holiday episode of IntHerrupt is a recap and reflection of Linda’s favorite season four highlights. If you haven’t tuned in to the full episodes, click through the show notes for links to each episode. 

Awesome guests make for excellent content.

  • Gina Stracuzzi’s episode discusses the different personalities in the workplace and how we can interact and work alongside them in productive ways.
  • Near and dear from Linda’s heart, her daughter Summer Yates’s episode encourages listens to reject mediocrity and work for success.
  • The episode featuring Sarah Poynton-Ryan explains that it’s never too late to start planning for your financial future. 
  • Debra Roberts taught listeners how to deal with difficult personalities in the workplace, and Shanna Missett Nelson helped listeners recharge during the holidays. (An episode we hope you’ve taken to heart throughout the holiday season.)
  • Judy Joffe explained how and when to ask for help, a skill we all can use to our benefit. And LaDawn Townsend explained how we could communicate our value to stakeholders. 
  • There were many other important and informative episodes throughout the season, and Linda hopes you’ve learned and grown from hearing these stories from these influential women leaders.

Episode 051 with Kendra Perry: Regaining Confidence to Move Forward

  • Kendra was a renowned skier who reinvented herself after a horrible crash. 
  • She became an entrepreneur and ultimately reinvented herself several times, spending thousands of dollars for her business to fail three times before it saw success.

Episode 052 with Cathy Klein: Communicating with the Opposite Sex in a Positive Manner

  • Many women are more apologetic and beat around the bush in communication. 
  • Cathy has worked in a male-dominated space for years.
  • She began to ask herself, “what is it my audience is hearing versus what am I intending for them to hear?” If those aren’t the same thing, she changes her speaking.
  • She encouraged listeners to stand up and take space. You’ll show presence, which builds confidence and gets you noticed.
  • Finally, just choose to be confident. It will work wonders in your professional life.
  • Think about something you’re proud of. And, whatever it is, stay in those feelings and emotions and tap into those to speak out and speak up with authority.

Episode 042 with Debby Montgomery: Celebrating your Accomplishments

  • While the episode detailed Debby’s horrible story in which she was defrauded a lot of money, the conversation moved to a celebration of accomplishments to keep you moving forward.
  • At the end of each year, quarter, or season, look back and create a list of your accomplishments during that time. 
  • While there are a lot of tough days, pouring motivation into others is far easier when you see the great accomplishments you’ve already accomplished.

Season Four was a fun season, which included a few replays of fan-favorites from earlier seasons. We believe in interrupting the status quo, and listening to these insights from powerful female leaders motivates us to go out and accomplish great things. 

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