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Nov 29, 2021

Today’s episode of IntHerrupt is an episode from the vault of the IntHerrupt archives featuring Le Bergin. A fan-favorite on the show (and the head trainer for FASTer Way to Fat Loss), Le Bergin started out as a high school teacher before pursuing her journey to help others reach their health goals. In today’s episode, she and Linda discuss her journey with personal growth, fitness, and how she balances good health and a career.

Good health impacts productivity (in a good way.)

  • Productivity is necessary for almost all aspects of human life – in marriage, parenting, and career. 
  • People define growth in different ways. Amassing money, improving quality of life, or reaching a point in a career are all valid definitions. It’s whatever motivates you. 
  • Balancing your career and health can be challenging. Le’s pro tip:  make it your lifestyle, and getting healthy will become a part of life rather than a chore in life. 

Le uses weightlifting and fitness to channel her pain and emotions.

  • With the help of her current husband, they’ve been able to build a second gym. 
  • Making good food choices makes a difference. It’s important to move toward eating clean and getting away from processed foods. 
  • Your energy levels, mood, concentration, and quality of sleep improve if you eat well. Now that doesn’t mean you can never have a candy bar or that extra slice of pizza, but merely make good choices overall and do what makes your body feel its best.
  • Le Bergin thrives on overcoming interruptions. For her, it’s about resiliency and believing that every day is a gift. The more grateful you are, the less these interruptions bother you. 
  • Le’s three tips for success: Life is short, break stuff. Trust your gut. Remember your purpose. 

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