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Sep 6, 2021

For many working professionals, the typical day-to-day is a constant stream of projects and tasks. As soon as one project is finished, we immediately move on to the next job, leaving little time to celebrate our accomplishments and successes. But is this the right approach? On today’s episode of IntHERrupt, Linda is joined by the founder of The Woman Behind the Smile and best-selling author Debby Montgomery to discuss the importance of celebrating your accomplishments

We all have losses, whether we admit them or not.

  • After her husband’s death, Debby started online dating to put herself out there. She fell for a relationship scheme, losing over one million dollars over two years. This event inspired her first book, “The Woman Behind the Smile.”
  • After being hurt financially, emotionally, and spiritually, Debby realized this is a much more common problem than she thought; many women have encountered similar issues and are too afraid to admit it.
  • For the last six years, she became the woman to advocate for those who have fallen for online scams and tries to prevent more women from falling for it.
  • Her second book, “A Gift Called Fearless,” was created to understand that we have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. We can get out of our comfort zone to help others move forward.

It’s hard for people to accept a compliment.

  • Particularly for mothers, accepting a compliment is challenging. We are giving people, and we tend to focus the spotlight on others rather than ourselves.
  • While selfless, this doesn’t work long-term. Everyone needs a balance, and that includes being able to give and receive positive energy from others.

What does Debby do to celebrate her accomplishments?

  • She started her own podcast, Stand Up and Speak Up. The most rewarding aspect of her podcast is the positivity and interest it generates in those who listen to her content, particularly her parents.
  • We have a tendency to view large celebrations as selfish, which goes against our desire to be seen as selfless.
  • For some people, the celebration isn’t always a big spectacle. It can be as simple as seeing family and spending time with loved ones.
  • Green Light on Audible by Matthew McCaughnahey stands up and owns his experiences about rising to fame, and it’s great.
  • People need to know they aren’t alone. To Debby, she loves knowing she can connect and impact other people by helping people understand they aren’t alone.

To anyone listening who has recently experienced the loss of a loved one, expected or unexpected, remember that life goes on. You can honor the person, and there is nothing wrong with crying. Do what you need to accept what has happened and find a way to move past it. Go to to find out more about Debby’s story and her books. If you’ve been a victim of a relationship scam, you aren’t alone. Reach out to Debby at debby@thewomanbehindthesmile to talk to Debby and 

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