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Jul 12, 2021

When juggling the responsibilities that come with motherhood and a career, nobody understands the struggles more than today’s guest Veronica Romney. As the founder of MyModernBrand, she works to help great people and great companies clarify their brand message and market themselves authentically, all while she raises two kids! In today’s episode, Veronica shares her secrets to juggling responsibilities between motherhood and her career

Veronica and her husband started a company months after their first child was born.

  • The most shocking thing she experienced as a new mother was the amount of guilt she felt. She felt guilty delivering subpar work in her career but also felt guilty giving herself time to rest or traveling for work. 
  • After overcoming the shock of how difficult balancing everything would be, Veronica realized finding balance is impossible, because there are times her kids need her more than other commitments. 
  • Instead, she believes in being honest about how much capacity she has for her workload. For example, if she’s going to take on a particular project, how much space will it take from the allotment she’s given to her children?

Veronica had to learn how to give time for herself.

  • At first, she was delegating and asking her family for help. But, after moving to North Carolina, she isn’t around family members to support her. 
  • Instead, she calls on babysitters, cleaners, and even gardeners for help. Not all the time, but for the times when she doesn’t have the capacity to handle everything on her plate.
  • You as a human being have to constantly reprioritize and decide what is best for you. 

What has been Veronica’s biggest challenge in being a mother and working professional? 

  • If she doesn’t prioritize herself, everything else suffers. She needs sleep, food, and time for herself to give more to her family and job.
  • What she doesn’t do is go into life with the mentality “I can just wake up early and go to bed later.” - That’s how people experience burnout.
  • Overcoming this challenge meant safeguarding her own boundaries. If that means 30 minutes to herself, away from family, she gives herself that time.
  • Women are taught to set boundaries for themselves in the workplace and stick to them, but that process falls by the wayside in personal applications. But Veronica found that in expressing that she needs time to herself, her kids learned how to practice self-care for themselves. 

What accomplishment has given Veronica the most pride?

  • Besides the birth of her children (the easy answer), it’s being married. Of course, nobody teaches you how to be married. But even after over a decade of marriage, Veronica and her husband love each other and communicate their needs.
  • Her secret? Be fully present in whatever you’re doing. When you try to juggle bowling balls, they’re all going to fall. So put down the extra balls and focus on one at a time.

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