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Jun 28, 2021

Whether you’re overcoming imposter syndrome or just want to feel supported in your career, addressing the difficulties to find empowerment is critical. Today on IntHERrupt, Linda is joined by Heather Fueger, sports marketing director at RSM, to learn how she found empowerment and support through sports and physical activity.

Heather was involved in sports from a young age.

  • Growing up in the midwest meant sports was a cultural necessity. That and her professional golfer of a dad meant she was immersed in sports her entire life.
  • While Heather played multiple sports until junior high, it was clear she was far better at golf than anything else.
  • She realized she had to either hone in on golf (to play in college) or just have fun in multiple sports. Heather chose the former.

What critical skills for her future career does Heather attribute to sports?

  • Organization: Playing collegiate golf meant learning to balance school, sports, and her social life. 
  • Time management: Her busy life meant prioritizing responsibilities was necessary for success.
  • Teamwork: Despite golf being an individual sport, Heather was still a part of a team and relied on her relationships to improve.

It’s essential for women to be in sports.

  • Being active can dramatically help anyone’s mental health. 
  • Utilizing a gym or participating in a club sport is an opportunity to network and meet like-minded people. In fact, meeting others through golf was how Heather networked her first job.
  • Beyond a professional career, you can play several lifelong sports like golf and tennis as you grow older.

How does Heather continue to grow in a male-dominated industry?

  • She knows her strengths and weaknesses and leverages her strengths to perform her best.
  • A direct boss who is supportive can make all the difference in career advancement.
  • A supportive boss means Heather has the freedom to make decisions, knowing that it would merely be an opportunity to learn if she were to mess up. 

To get in contact with Heather, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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