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Mar 29, 2021

As a salesperson, how do you focus on others to help overcome your own imposter syndrome? Join Linda Yates and Melissa Oakes as they talk about overcoming imposter syndrome by helping others. 

  • Melissa Oakes is all about helping others feel good about themselves. 
  • Her approach is simple, she asks people of the best day of their lives and she lets them tell their story. 
  • Melissa Oakes works for Hair Club, it’s a company that helps people with their hair and live their life just as if everyday was the best day of their life. 

The Imposter Syndrome

  • Imposter syndrome is about people who, in some many cases, had done quite well for themselves but they didn’t have that feeling of accomplishment and they fear of getting found out. 
  •  They may have a title but on the inside, they feel that they’re not good enough. 
  • There are people who are meant to be in front of the house while others are supposed to be in the back of the house. 
  • Don’t let the negativity or the feeling that ‘i’m not good enough for you’ but instead determine what’s going to be good enough for yourself. 
  • Challenge yourself to learn everything you can to get in front of people and be comfortable with it. 
  • When you’re too focused on the things that you lack, you lose so much valuable insight. 
  • Melissa discovered that she is at her best when she is focused on others. 
  • If you experience setbacks, try to look at it as an opportunity. When something doesn’t go your way, try to be adaptable and flexible. 
  • Even with setbacks, you can still help other people. Find out what’s important for them and try to find ways to help them. There’s always a lesson that you can learn from every story. 

Baby steps to overcome the imposter syndrome

  • Move your voice of perfection to progress. Instead of focusing on being perfect, focus on your goals instead and on the progress that you’re making. Be in the moment. 
  • Celebrate your wins. When somebody says thank you to you, accept it and don’t question it. Manage your self-doubt by not focusing on the “No”. 
  • When there are interruptions in your life, take a step back and listen. Accentuate the positive and believe that you can make it happen. 

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