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Mar 15, 2021

Sometimes, we get stuck in a cycle where we burn out easily. In this episode, Jenessa Fillipi talks about the value of finding meaningful work even if you don’t get paid for it. 

Getting to know Jenessa Fillipi

  • Jenessa Fillipi is a mother of four and an elementary counselor for the last 15 years. Aside from that, Jenessa is the executive director of Down Home Nonprofit in Fargo, North Dakota. 
  • Jennesa and her husband have very different talents. Her husband is a very skilled handyman. He has his own business and he can take about anything apart and put it back together. 
  • Despite the different careers, both Jenessa and her husband love connecting with people. Over the years, they’ve talked about how they can utilize his gift in handiwork and construction and her love for design and transforming a space into something that people could love.
  • Three years ago, Jenessa felt the stir to do something else. She felt that there’s still something missing in her life. Along with her husband, they dug deeper and asked the input of their kids on what makes a house a home. They realized then that they could use their talents for bigger purposes. There are thousands of men, women, and children in the Fargo community that are sleeping on the floor. This was how Down Home came to life. 

The Work-Life Harmony

  • Jenessa figured that for her to feel harmonized, she needed to draw close to one who is greater than herself. 
  • In both her life and her work, she gives 110% of her effort. She learned to take deep breaths and she learned to let go of other tasks to focus her mind on the things that she wanted and needed to be good at. 
  • As an elementary school counselor, she doesn't have to grade papers. There is still paperwork but that doesn't include grading the children’s works. 
  • In Renata Bower’s book, Free to B., Jenessa’s biggest take is that we all have unique gifts and talents that we’re good at. 
  • It’s important to recognize the things you’re good at instead of focusing on the things that you’re not good at. 
  • Another lesson that Jennesa learned is that mistakes have their purpose, too. It’s critical that you give yourself grace when you make mistakes, especially when you’re not getting paid or you’re not paid well. You can’t lose your way because that would keep you from moving forward. 
  • Make sure that you provide time for yourself. Sometimes, when we’re too passionate about something, we get caught up and it affects other relationships that we have. 
  • Take the time to invest in the people around you: your family, your spouse, and your children. 

Challenges today

  • Jenessa is now looking at a transition this year. It’s difficult to let go of a career she has invested in for the last 15 years and focus her time on Down Home. 
  • To overcome the challenge, she’s putting more effort into helping fill the gap within the community. They invite more people into the Down Home family and maximize their resources to help more people in need. 
  • Jenessa’s mother has been a huge help for them and for Down Home. There have been several people behind the scene who are helping Jenessa in creating Down Home.  
  • Life is full of interruptions but when these things happen, she makes sure that she puts up a plan as best as she can. 
  • She’s also trying to prioritize the interruptions, whether it’s the kids when she’s trying to do something or talking to people over video calls. 

“The Value of Finding Meaningful Work (Even if You Don’t Get Paid for it)” episode resources

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