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Jan 25, 2021

Personal passions matter in whatever endeavor that women take. It’s the driving force to keep them going. In today’s episode, Bonnie Walton speaks of personal passions and how busy women can prioritize them. 

Bonnie is a care manager for Florida Blue, a part of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida. In her free time, Bonnie is passionate about working out and exercising. She likes to lift weights, and do spin classes and pilates. The exercise makes her feel like she’s able to prioritize her mornings. 

Personal passion matters

  • Even with distractions, Bonnie finds a way to still make her daily workout. 
  • The world can be chaotic at times but when Bonnie starts the day with something that she’s passionate about such as working out, she doesn’t get as anxious and upset when something out of the ordinary comes up during the workday. 
  • Working out has been part of her passion and since she left the Army, Bonnie decided to stick with it. 
  • For busy women, you may want to do your passion slowly. For Bonnie, she started off slowly and she tells herself to do her best every time. 
  • One of her major accomplishments was winning gold in an Army event which led to her earning the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge. There were a lot of physical hurdles they went through including swimming, shooting, track, pull-ups, and more. 
  • Her workouts help her in becoming a leader. It improved her posture and it gives her a more confident look. The physical exercise and training back in the Army taught her a lesson to keep pushing and moving forward even in hard times. 
  • For those who still haven’t found their passion, there are a few things you can do. You can always discover new things with just a click. There are social media groups you can join and communities you can be active in. 
  • It’s also helpful to do brainstorming with somebody else. It could be a peer, a family, a friend, and others. 
  • For her leadership conversations, Bonnie keeps a note of her ideas and her thoughts. It keeps her grounded and allows her to build rapport with other people. 
  • Take advantage of modern technology to manage your daily tasks. There are many apps available out there to help you organize your passion and your career. 

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