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Jan 18, 2021

Breaking Down Barriers for Women in Tech Roles

Women have been breaking barriers for a long time now. In this episode, Trina speaks of breaking down barriers for women in blue-collar roles.

Trina has 25 years of experience in the technology industry in Utah. Her mission includes trying to help women understand the benefits and opportunities that are available for them in the tech industry. Trina’s extensive experience in the field has allowed her to see what it is like for women to enter into the workforce. She recognized the gap where the tech industry needs new people but it’s not tapping the right resources - the women. 

Women in different trades

  • Women have been tailored into the nurturing type of roles such as nursing and teaching. Most women find themselves more drawn into these professions so that the other opportunities outside these careers were never fully explored. 
  • Removing those that barriers and constraints  that women have put their minds in opens women’s their eyes to broader opportunities in the field of finance, techs, and other trades that often aren’t weren’t explored by women. 
  • There is no industry today that doesn’t require knowledge. Every other industry today needs a level of understanding. 
  • Every area or discipline today has opportunities for women. 
  • The important thing is knowing your niche and learning how to do it well. You don’t need to go broad in a snap, what you need is to learn how to shift quickly. 
  • Learn how to be flexible and adaptive in  your career as this allows you to do different things. 
  • Getting interrupted isn’t just about a pause when speaking or doing your presentation. Trina had a life interruption in the form of breast cancer. It was her pause moment and it allowed her to reflected on the things that are most important to her. 
  • Once you get through an interruption, believe that something bigger is coming your way. 
  • When you experience interruption in life or at work, take a step back and see where you are supposed to be heading. Re-evaluate and then redirect. 
  • It’s important to find your superpower because every single person has their own individual superpower and it’s going to be different for everybody. 
  • Having a coach or mentor is helpful to guide you and walk you through things. 
  • Building your network is also crucial for career growth.

Breaking Down Barriers for Women in Tech Roles Breaking Down Barriers for Women in Blue-Collar Roles episode resources

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