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Dec 14, 2020

The phrase “money can’t buy happiness,” has been around awhile and for good reason. Even after people have achieved wealth, many are still looking for ways to achieve a joyful life. Sally Glick, today’s guest, talks about finding happiness.

Sally started her career by working with her father, a CPA sole practitioner in Chicago, during a time when firms didn’t yet have logos and brands. What they did have was white stationary with black ink. They were located in the downtown Chicago area. They didn’t know the words thought leaders and center of influence but that was exactly what they did. They stayed in front of their clients and helped them. The major trick she learned was to always put herself on the other side of the table so she could understand what her clients and prospects needed, from their perspective. 

Overcoming interruptions

  • As Sally has experienced interruptions, her reactions depended on from whom the interruption was coming. 
  • If she’s put in a situation where she can’t pause the interruption, she lets it go and thanks them for making a great point. She then continues from where she left off. 
  • In a more informal situation, however, she tells them to hold their thought for a minute and let her finish speaking first. 

Happiness matters 

  • Happiness matters because people who are happier are also healthier. If you want to be healthy, seek happiness. 
  • Finland has won The Happiest Place on Earth for three consecutive years. The main cause is because people there have deep social networks. When people feel connected, they don’t feel ignored, overlooked, and marginalized. 
  • When you’re happy and satisfied, you can do more for others. You can be magnanimous and charitable, as well as forgiving and empowering. 
  • Sally learned from all the studies she’s read that there’s no direct correlation between happiness and other factors such as money, material possessions, education, gender, or even physical attractiveness. 
  • Studies show that relationships are what make people happy. It’s the ability to form deep and meaningful connections with other people. The more good relationships you have, the happier you are. 
  • Money can't buy happiness but it can make life so much easier. 
  • There are certain basic necessities that need to be addressed for you to feel complete but once those necessities are met, you don’t need more to be happy. 
  • When you’re listening to someone, there’s a difference between finding common ground to talk about and taking over the conversation to the point of not acknowledging their story. 

You Can't Buy Happiness -- So How Do You Achieve a Joyful LIfe? episode resources

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