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Nov 9, 2020

Education and the Path to the C-Suite

Women in leadership roles are no longer a shocking thing. Still, women leaders face many challenges in fulfilling their roles successfully. 

Getting to know Dr. Michelle Johnston

 In this episode, Linda invited Dr. Michelle Johnston over to talk about stories and experiences to patch to the C-suites. Michelle’s career journey is a bit accidental for her. While she loved teaching from a very early age, this passion didn’t really come true until she became the president of the College of Coastal Georgia and previously the President of the University of Ohio. 

The path to the C-suite

  • The work of leadership in administrative roles in campuses is an opportunity to be connected to students and serve educational missions at the same time. 
  • It’s important to embrace the loss of something you are truly passionate about. It opens the door for you to love and invest into other things. The loss is a natural part when moving from one role to another. 
  • In her role, Michelle always had people who encouraged her. It’s important to find the people who will walk you through the process and encourage you along the way. They are your soundboard. 
  • One of the most important parts of leadership is listening. In that vein, being interrupted has always been part of the process of growth. 
  • Being interrupted allows for challenges to come your way, without challenges your mind won’t work and look for solutions. You need to stretch yourself and your abilities to figure out how to do things effectively. 

Having the right attitude to success

  • Michelle encourages persistence. Don’t give up on the kind of leadership you want. Be positive, persistent, and patience. You can’t be just patient, just persistent, and just patience. You need to embody all the three. 
  • As a person with goals, you need to assess what path leads you to your success. If that is college, then do it. If you think self-study and connecting with women and leaders in the organization will help you, then do that. There is no one concrete path for all, everyone will have to take their own path. 
  • Education comes in many forms and shapes. 
  • It’s only through interconnection, working with each other, and helping with each other that you can become a success in your leadership role.