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Oct 27, 2020

How to be Heard Over the “Me Too” Movement 

Today’s guest is Amy Chorew and she’s going to speak about the “Me Too” movement, a hot topic in today’s generation. Amy sheds light on how our voices can be heard above the movement and how it has impacted women in leadership. 

Being interrupted 

  • Amy has been interrupted many times due to her roles in the corporate world. 
  • Emotional intelligence for Amy is more about the leadership skills. She took an emotional intelligence test and the results showed her the strengths and weaknesses she has. She learned that she needed to focus on being positive instead of reacting without thinking things through. 
  • Amy’s coach taught her to come from a place of curiosity instead of just reacting. It was the first step to figure out how to handle interruptions. 

“Me Too” movement and women in leadership

  • For Amy, some movements have a lot of whining. This is something she doesn’t tolerate. 
  • The Woman Up group, started by the California Association of Realtors, put some strong legs in the process of becoming a better leader. 
  • We are living in a time where many people are finally opening their eyes and ears.  There’s been an expansion of awareness and the “Me Too” movement is pushing that sense of awareness. 
  • The “Me Too” movement was generally a women’s movement but it has opened doors and other platforms for everybody. It’s a movement of inclusion. People can articulate their thoughts and be who they are. 
  • Many groups started to rewrite their leadership, their business management, and how things are done because of the movement. 
  • For Amy, being demeaned means being taken at face value. She handled that by staying relevant and making sure to over-deliver. 

Overcoming negative experiences

  • Have a better sense of self-worth and don’t take things personally. 
  • Always believe in yourself because if you don’t, no one else will. It’s always good to take a few steps back to see the people who are supportive of your causes. 
  • Amy suggests to not just agree. If you have them, voice your concerns and always research the facts. Back your solutions with data. 
  • Get a mentor who will help you figure out how things work and how to connect with the right people. 

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