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Oct 12, 2020

I'm Not a Witch... I'm Just Assertive

Today’s guest is Sherry Chris, the CEO of the Realogy Expansion Brands. Her focus is guiding the strategic growth of brands. Under her leadership, she’s been able to grow REBs brand in over forty states and across six countries. In this episode, Sherry talks about her experiences as a woman leading in the workforce, the challenges she faced, and how she’s been able to overcome these obstacles. 

Being interrupted 

  • Interruptions can be good or bad. Either way, they can force you to pause and evaluate if change needs to occur. 
  • It is okay to be assertive and regardless of what people may think, you can be successful. The important thing is not compromising your beliefs. 
  • People talked about how Sherry would be out of business within a year but that didn’t faze her. Instead, it made her stronger. Listening to people is good but when it’s not helping you move ahead,  it’s better to leave their opinions behind. 
  • Women are more sensitive and when criticized, tend to succumb to the hurt. Sherry advises women to put blinders on and not listen to the noise. 
  •  Surround yourself with people who are not critical, people who add value to you and the organization, and help you soar. 

Achieving success 

  • Visualize your success, set short term goals for yourself, and once these goals are met, set another list of new goals. 
  • Everyone needs mentors, they help you, and teach you the ropes. They end up teaching you how to be better. You find mentors by being gracious, by openly giving, and not asking for anything in return. That is how people are drawn to you. 
  • Sherry doesn’t categorize people by their gender. She sees them as people who want to succeed and she helps them achieve that. 

“I'm Not a Witch... I'm Just Assertive” episode resources

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Summary: Women who are leaders often hear criticisms. Figuring out how to overcome negativity can help you become successful  in your industry. 

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  • What to do when criticized
  • The positive impact of surrounding yourself with people offering value
  • The importance of having mentors