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Sep 29, 2020

Race in the Workplace


What has race got to do with one’s experiences in the workplace? Does it impact results? Let’s talk about that in this episode. Charlotte Prince Leonard is a healthcare executive now working as the Regional Director of Operations. She’s also a member of several non-profit organizations advocating for women. 


Challenges in the workplace 

The top of most corporations today still have a male-dominant culture. The challenge isn’t only on the gender, however, but it becomes more apparent when you’re a black female. At the corporate level, the challenge comes when there is a lack of representation among executives and as a result, some top performers don’t tend to have someone who will speak on their behalf. There is just not enough support for black females in the corporate culture. 


Men, on the other hand, naturally mentor and coach other men. Organizations have these cultures set up so leadership roles can be filled.  Unfortunately,women who are equally capable of taking over these positions aren’t groomed in the same way. 


Charlotte started an administrator job in 1989 and knows the importance of having support. She was fortunate enough to have women who were willing to mentor her throughout her career and they’ve helped provide opportunities along the way. 


When let go

Charlotte was then let go from a job she’d had for 10 years. The company had been like her family but she was let go due to organizational changes. The challenge for Charlotte was not knowing the deficiencies that led her dismissal. 


Even today, women continue to face obstacles so it’s important to have the right education and never give up. It’s important to continue learning and nurturing the skills that it will take to be competitive for leadership positions. You also don’t want to try to do it alone. Find the person in your organization who’s willing to help you up. Be proactive and apply for positions. Other skills you need to be a good leader are: 


  • Show empathy
  • Communicate
  • Encourage people to do their best 


“Race in the Workplace” Episode Resources

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