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Sep 28, 2020

Introduction to Int-HER-rupt Podcast


Linda Yates is the image energizer and host of the new podcast, Int-HER-rupt. Linda’s career spans over 30 years and with so much experience, she comes as a leader, consultant, and coach. 


In this season, Int-HER-rupt will consist of 12 episodes that will showcase women who are empowered leaders sharing their experiences as they offer their knowledge and expertise.


The birth Int-HER-rupt

Linda was visiting her friend, Donald Kelly, the CEO and founder of TSE studios, home to The Sales Evangelist podcast, and a few others. They were talking about Linda’s experiences in leadership training and helping other organizations set up management teams. During their conversation, Donald talked to Linda about his vision of a new leadership podcast and after months of working with the TSE team, Int-HER-rupt has become a reality. 


The goal of this podcast is to help women hone their leadership skills, help women who are looking to expand their careers, and offer women in existing organizations an opportunity to consider shifting into new roles. This podcast will be about breaking boundaries and getting out of your comfort zone. 


Why Int-HER-rupt

As suggested in the title,Int-HER-rupt, is a podcast that puts focus on how women and their experiences can be interrupted in their personal and professional life. 


This podcast is produced by TSE studios. Mark your calendars for the launch of Int-HER-rupt on September 21, 2020. There will be three episodes per week and will be available every Monday morning.