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Sep 18, 2023

In this episode of "Int-HER-rupt," host Linda Yates welcomes Jennifer Smith, an expert in talent recruitment and leadership. Jennifer shares her journey and experiences in the field of human resources, discussing her transition from working in operations to her successful career as a recruiter. She also provides valuable insights into defining one's goals and finding the right fit in the hiring process.

Jennifer Smith's Professional Journey

  • After college, Jennifer found herself working in an unbelievable position. She never saw herself working in a potato factory, but it was her first leadership position.
  • Despite it not being her dream job, she enjoyed the position. It helped her develop the essential leadership skills she has today.
  • During her 15 years working with Frito Lay, she spent 15 years in HR. Within this role, she gained experience in running a business and leading a team. 
  • She worked for a biotech company within the talent management department. While working in this role, she found that many college students struggled with finding their ideal job.
  • Now, Jennifer runs Flourish Careers company. She helps others find the ideal career for them.

What Led to Her Success?

  • Jennifer shares that her success comes from defining what she wants within her roles. 
  • She also discusses why recruiting managers need to start with a foundation when looking for an employee to fill a specific role.
  • A company or an employee may not check each box of your wants, but they may have the key requirements you’re looking for. 

How to Find the Right Candidate?

  • Jennifer shares how companies can find the ideal candidate for a position. First, managers should look beyond the resume. Does the candidate have transferable skills or experiences? Can you start an internship program to help you find the ideal candidate?
  • For job seekers, Jennifer discusses the importance of networking within the organization you want to work for. It will help you bypass the over-saturated online system of job seeking.
  • Once you figure out your ideal candidate, go where they like to hang out. For example, Are there specific online communities where you can find talent?

Advice on Employee Engagement

  • To help deepen engagement with new talent, Jennifer discusses the importance of optimizing your onboarding process. Have someone mentor new hires for the first 60 to 90 days.
  • Provide feedback that encourages celebrations and mistakes during the onboarding process. You don’t want to just point out the bad, but you want to point out the wins too.
  • Develop a learning program to allow employees to gain new skills. The world is changing, and you want your employees to stay up-to-date on new tec

"The first thing I think about with that question is just knowing what you want. So really defining what you want in the role that you're looking for is first and foremost." - Jennifer Smith.

Jennifer shares her inspiring journey from operations to HR to becoming a successful recruiter. Through her experiences, she demonstrates the value of defining goals, embracing learning opportunities, and finding the right fit in the hiring process. 

Listeners are encouraged to reflect on their own career aspirations and gain valuable insights into navigating the ever-changing job market. To hear more about Jennifer's journey and gain further insights into talent recruitment and personal growth, tune into the full episode of "Int-HER-rupt" with Linda Yates.


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