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Aug 7, 2023

Discover your true leadership potential with Moxie! In today’s episode, host Linda Yates speaks with Kristen Harcourt on the importance of leading with moxie and heart. Find out why these attributes are essential to being a successful leader.

What is Moxie?

  • Kristen has 15 years of experience as a culture leader and has empowered executives to help them become successful. She found that many leaders struggle with negative self-talk, sensations, and conditions. 

  • These traits often hold them back from being proficient at people management and creating a positive workplace. Moxie is helping others find the fire within themselves to bring out their passions and true authentic self to the world.

How can being moxie turn into having a negative label

  • You may present the wrong aura when stepping into your Moxie if you're not careful. Others may put a specific label on you if you show too much Moxie within the workplace.

  • For example, men are seen as confident and strong when assertive. Yet, if women show too much assertiveness within the workplace, others would label her as aggressive.

  • It's a fine line between the two; people will quickly lean into the "bad" label if they think you're doing too much. However, remember that when people label you negatively, it's more about them and less about you!

How do you know if you’re showing up as Moxie?

  • Everyone has it within themselves. However, you must know how to create your version of Moxie. Give yourself time to play around until you find what works for you.

  • Practice before others and experiment to help you develop your version of Moxie. Receive feedback from people you trust to know if you’re being overly aggressive or not looking comfortable enough while speaking.

  • Remember that you’re always evolving, and your Moxie from 5 years ago won’t look the same as your today version of Moxie!

Other ways to develop Moxie

  • Have a community to help you along the way throughout your journey. You can overcome your challenges without letting fear hold you back by being around women struggling with the same problems.

  • Also, start limiting your negative self-talk and beliefs. How can someone else believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself? 

  • For extreme introverts, consider using storytelling to help you connect with others on a deeper level. Storytelling is a great way to let others know who you are and understand your reasoning behind everything.

How can Moxie get in the way of heart leadership?

  • Moxie sounds great when you’re trying to build self-confidence, but too much of it may cost you. Kristen tells us how to keep this from happening and why the heart connection is essential for leadership.

“To be Moxie embodies competence, assertiveness, ownership, accountability, authenticity, and compassion. It's really having all of that together.” - Kristen Harcourt


Alexia Vernon: Step Into Your Moxie 

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