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Jun 12, 2023

If you’ve ever been in a difficult conversation that wasn’t well-managed, you know how unpleasant it can be. Getting it right takes skill, and luckily, today’s guest has tips that can help you prepare! In this episode of the Int-HER-rupt podcast, your host Linda Yates sits down with Ann McKitrick to discuss how to set up delicate conversations so that your goals can be met without sacrificing relationships.


  • She has always loved kids. She really enjoys helping people (especially parents) understand children.
  • When people have a deeper understanding of communication with kids, they are able to be a little bit kinder with each other.

 3 Tips for Leading a Delicate Conversation

  • Observe and understand who you’re talking to. You’ll be able to communicate better if you know where they’re coming from.
  • Identify the problem in a clear way. Then, invite them to respond and truly listen. Think through how you are being affected and potential solutions beforehand and share them.
  • Keep it concise. Make your problem statement and describe the effect in 60 seconds or less, then move on to listening and building solutions.

 How Do You Have Delicate Conversations With Kids?

  • Make sure your approach is age-appropriate.
  • Approach the conversation at a time of day when your kids are well-fed, not too tired, and not stressed about school or activities.
  • Simplify things so that they understand fully. Don’t expect them to be little adults!

 “The power of the pause is critically important in many areas, especially at work – to not respond immediately to things, but to take a pause and think about what’s been said and all of the different angles. There’s a myriad of interpretations of just about anything. To always go to the negative or always go to the critical side of things is certainly not helpful.” – Ann McKitrick


Ann McKitrick on LinkedIn

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