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Jun 5, 2023

When work gears up in intensity, it’s important to get perspective. We all have responsibilities outside our jobs and it’s okay to take a step back when needed. In this episode of Int-HER-rupt, your host Linda Yates meets with Stacy Hess to discuss navigating our challenges outside of work. Listen in to hear how you can prioritize your loved ones AND yourself!

Responsibilities Outside of Work

  • Hess’s family has become a priority for her. Helping and spending time with aging parents is a common responsibility that comes to many of us.

  • Creating space to care for children, grandchildren, and pets can also be challenging but rewarding.

3 Tips for Balancing Our Out-of-Work Responsibilities

  1. Pause. Find moments in your day when you can take a breath. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the things we have to do.

  2. Prioritize. Be selective about what things you let derail your workday. 

  3. Give yourself grace. Nobody is perfect. Be kind to yourself, and remember you’re doing the best you can!

Taking Care of Yourself

  • Try visual cues! Set up reminders for yourself to prioritize your own wellness.

  • Daily practices. Find something that feels right to you - reading, journaling, meditation - and make space to do it every day.

  • Schedule time every workday to take a wellness break. Make it non-negotiable!

“If your environment is taking away from you who you know you are and it’s that out of alignment with what you need in your life, you really have to think about maybe it’s time to make a change. And I know that’s hard, but we have to put ourselves first.” – Stacy Hess


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