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Feb 15, 2021

There are many opportunities for women entrepreneurs and there are many challenges as well. In this episode, Charlotte Purvis talks about women as entrepreneurs and the things you should know before you leap. 

Challenges in the business

  • Charlotte Purvis is a consultant, a trainer, a coach, and a customer service enthusiast. 
  • Her specialty is communicating with customers. 
  • For Charlotte, the customer is always the customer. 
  • Regardless of what their concerns are, they are customers and as sales reps, your goal is to provide the best services. 
  • Charlotte was invited to start a business while she was conducting one of her programs. 
  • One of the biggest challenges Charlotte faced is staying true to herself. 
  • She started the business without really thinking about the profits. Her first thoughts were servicing her clients to the best of her abilities. It was challenging to still stay true to herself while listening to feedback from other people. 

What you should know before you take the leap

  • B - Branding. You need to focus on your branding. Think of who you want to be and how you want to present your image. Figure out what you want in your business. 
  • E - Engagement. You do not operate alone in the business. You have customers, you have business partners, you have mentors, you have coaches, you have sponsors, and so on. You need to engage all these stakeholders. 
  • S - Systems. Everything you do in your business requires systems, especially in this technology-based world. You need a system for just about everything. So figure out the ones that you’re good at and for the ones that you’re not, then look for someone who can help you. 
  • T - Transparency. Transparency builds trust. 

  • There are two versions of leaps: the small leap where there’s not a lot of risks you are taking, and the large leap where you jump and give it your all. 
  • Entrepreneurship has allowed Charlotte to be of service to more people and get more clients. 
  • It’s important to be motivated at all times. Make sure that what you’re doing is something you would do even if you’re not paid for it. 
  • Keep your customers and clients in mind to keep you motivated. 
  • Your customer is anyone who isn’t you. It can be your co-worker, your family, and others. 
  • Charlotte’s book, The Customer Communication Formula: How to Communicate With Your Customers and Boost Your Customer Service Brand is separated into two parts. The first one is about the phases of customer interaction while the second part is dedicated to customer service leaders and helping them look for more strategic visions to improve their customer service. 


“Women as Entrepreneurs: Things You Should Know Before You Leap ” episode resources

Follow Charlotte Purvis on her official website. You can get her book, The Customer Communication Formula: How to Communicate With Your Customers and Boost Your Customer Service Brand here.


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