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Dec 21, 2020

Lessons Learned in 2020 and The Impact They’ll Make in the Future

2020 has been a trying year. The pandemic impacted the entire world, making massive changes to work settings and schools. Many businesses shut their doors for good while others adjusted their hours of operation. What are the lessons we’ve learned so far and how will it help us survive in the years to come? Linda Yates, the host of Int-HER-rupt, will help guide us through what we’ve learned.

Insights from 2020

  • Linda saw the importance of having great mentors and sponsors in becoming successful. Many people can miss key opportunities because they don’t have these critical people in their lives. 
  • Not only do we need people who have gone before us, we need to look for people in the organization we can also be a mentor to.
  • Early in her career, Linda worked as an admin assistant. It was a new working experience the interim director of the division she was working for became her mentor.
  • Linda came to her for help and instead of dismissing her, the director believed in Linda and offered advice. For example, this new mentor taught Linda that technology can automate their process. 
  • Linda’s mentor taught her to believe in herself. 
  • Self-confidence can help you become more assertive. not only towards work, but in life in general. 
  • In the previous episode, Linda’s guest Sally Glick shared some important insights on how to overcome interruptions. 
  • Sherry Chris, one of the first guests of the show shared how interrupting herself has become a key factor towards success. When you feel like you’re in some rabbit hole, it’s important to interrupt yourself. 
  • It’s true that 2020 has been a tough year for many people but if you’ve gotten stuck in your bubble, it’s time to interrupt yourself and think about the possibilities that 2021 brings. 
  • Confidence is critical in understanding what’s possible for you in leadership. Gain and keep a seat at the table. 
  • It’s important to feed your mind with the information that will make a direct impact on your success. Seek to learn from the experience of others to help you move forward. 
  • Another lesson Linda learned was to honor the differences between herself and others. We all have different experiences and learn different lessons. Expect to see the best sides of people as you learn about them. 
  • Communicate with the entire team. They are your family in the organization and you need to support them. 
  • From Michelle Johnston’s episode, Linda learned how to see the good in every individual. Seek to complement and highlight the strength you see in other people. 
  • Look back at 2020 in its entirety and see how you survived it. That alone should tell you how strong and empowered you are. 

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